For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a camera either in hand or close by. I began learning the art of photography in high school using a film camera, which challenged me to shoot with a purpose; to thoughtfully compose and produce honest, intentional imagery.

The heartbeat of my work is a collaborative process with relationships being the foundation. I enjoy how photography gives me the opportunity to see and experience things from different perspectives; challenging me to shift my mindset and inspiring me to create upon that. 

Building strong connections with clients who quickly become friends and using my gifts to document, preserve, and create tangible legacies of their story is mine.

I believe we all have a purpose:

my philosophies

a closer look at

Exceptional client experience


I take pride in my fluid professionalism and deep devotion to creating a genuine, fulfilling, and unparalleled luxury client experience.

honest documentary storytelling


Capturing intricate details and your beautifully unplanned moments with the utmost care. So, you can enjoy an effortlessly timeless aesthetic in every image, along with a full capture of your authentic experience. Every photograph will convey a humanist, yet fine-art feel, as that is the core of my style.



Keeping in mind that this is the beginning of a legacy, your photographs will be captured and edited with an understanding that they will be passed down for generations. Defying trends and creating captures that will be loved for years.

inspired by

Her husband, John, and son, Bodhi -

Two of the most driven, strong-willed, loving, and generous guys she’s blessed to call hers.  

The Beach

Holly’s ultimate source of artistic inspiration. The light. The movement. The stillness. The sounds. The duality between land and sea. The peacefulness. It’s her happy place.

Minimalist Everything

Architecture, photography, texture, interior design. Minimalist style focuses on structure, light, materials, angles, and use of empty space to draw attention to the subject in its simplest form. Much like her approach to photography, Holly appreciates simplistic elements that use structure, light, and space to create maximum visual impact that speaks for itself.

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